Zoe Saldana we dream of you in Pink Caviar!
Sophia Beckford has found a new home in India! We are so excited to be selling on Squarekey! Full collection is available for pre-order now!
The Wonderful! The Fabulous! Corrie Nielsen! I will never run out of good things to say about this woman! A true artist and craftsman with a heart of gold. Love from Sophia Beckford always.
New Fave of the week! Sprout! He is just so charming and has captured my heart!
Seeing this picture of the city of Guangzhou reminds me of so much beauty that exists in the world but is often not explored.
Arm Candy Dreams! Wouldn't the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton look fab carrying the Sophia Beckford Royal Clutch!!!
Sophia Beckford in Paris!
Beautiful! Love love love! A celebratory AW14 gift for Sophia Beckford from BassBuds!
Gearing up for Sophia Beckford in Paris at Vendome!
Sophia Beckford AW14 Collection. Full collection in Paris 27-2nd.
Come see the collection after the show! Buyer and Press open house at SSH! Saturday, 16 February 7-9 PM.
The collection is finished! Fabrics have been selected! Please Italy be good to me this season, as I have fallen in love with all the textiles for this collection! I hope you love them too!
The Sophia Beckford and Emilio de la Morena collaboration is well underway and we are enjoying every minute of it! Emilio’s design style and mine naturally coordinate with one another and he is so easy to work with! Cheers to the upcoming AW season!
I found this so inspiring! Willy Verginer Sculptures
Happy New Year! I have been toying about with this collection in my mind and I have decided to focus on the deeper meanings of conflict and contrast and how they can be portrayed in art! Fashion is my art; so I am eager to play with this concept and idea! Can’t wait to show you the collection!