Sophia Beckford was founded late 2011 and launched its first collection during London Fashion Week AW12 with Corrie Nielsen. The bags immediately became recognized for their classic shapes and twists on the traditional use of fabrics and textiles. Four seasons young, Sophia Beckford handbags graced the catwalk again for a second time this AW14 season in London Fashion Week, showcasing with Emilio de la Morena.

Both the Caviar and Royal ball clutches have become immediate favourites among Sophia Beckford enthusiasts and supporters, as the AW14 collection boasts strong shapes and contrasting colours, portraying true pieces of art.

Designer Elle Tyree’s collections are always inspired by feelings of emotion and culture, representative of her journey in life with long stints of time in New York and China. Her desire is to create pieces that spark an innate connection to the intricate detail and design.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Tyree was introduced to fashion at a very young age through her grandmother’s love for the industry. Granny would be the one to introduce Tyree to all things luxury, from fur coats, to the most expensive dresses, jewelry, and handbags. With an ignited spark of interest Tyree began handcrafting her own pieces.

Tyree’s visionary process of creation for Sophia Beckford has led to international exposure with top fashion publications for the brand, while the AW14 collection is already drawing the support and recognition of the UK Fashion & Textile Association where Sophia Beckford will be promoted for its excellence during Paris Fashion Week AW14.